Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Works in Progress and Twelve Days #12 (Painting)

This is another "daily" painting study. Still lots to learn but so much better than it was.

Another resource you might like is Robert and Sara Genn Twice Weekly Letters (link). Here is what Robert wrote in the letter you will see when you click on this link:
"Do you ever have the feeling that you just want to do it?
To the side of my palette I'm making a little list: The sheer sensuousness of the colour sitting up and laying down. The privilege of knowing more or less how to draw. The thrill of grabbing the right complement. The realization that most things are a puzzle anyway. The luxury of gradation. The satisfaction of figuring out and enacting the best glaze. The joy of busy areas. The fun of toning down. The trick of finding out what it is that you're doing. The love of calm. The developed skill of seeing. Determining what's wrong and then fixing it. The excitement of colour surprise. The Zen of watching paint dry. Getting the lick of your dog. The satisfaction of letting the answering machine pick up. The prickly happiness that breaks out when you have the delusion or the fantasy that what you have just done is a piece of quality. The anticipation and possibility that the next one might be better." 

I think Robert described painting perfectly: at least everything I feel when I am painting.

Last day of my twelve days:
In addition to this amazing link, here is a wish that you paint more often  in 2015 (ideally daily painting (plus eating well and exercising at least three times a week...))   We all understand that in order for your child to play an instrument, she has to do the scales, fingering, sight-reading and all those horrible mis-steps before the piece is "recital" ready". Therefore, let's accept that learning to paint won't be simple and immediate (One hundred starts before you have even your first "painting" is what I was told)

To practice, you need access to your instrument. A gift to yourself: Find a space that can be yours: ready at a moment's notice. (You can't spend your precious practice time '"getting set up" and then cleaning up again).

Commit to making time. Try setting a goal to "keep life out of the way". Maybe you need a teacher to give you homework, a painting for an upcoming birthday present or you may want to enter one of Leslie Saeta's challenges (link).

Merry Christmas, Joyful Holidays and Mostly Happy Painting!!!! Back after cleaning up.....

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