Thursday, December 18, 2014

Try, Try again and Twelve Days #10 (A couple more favorite resources)

I thought you might like evidence of try, try again. These are a couple of the less-bad bad apple studies (some others are history). I have titled these two "Smushy" apples 1 and 2. Because things didn't look the way I wanted, I "licked" more color onto the painting, scraped, reapplied,  reworked and reworked... The paintings are "soft". In addition, the highlights are the wrong value and temperature.

The third apple is better and almost where I want it to be. This means the grocery store will sell some more pretty apples soon.

Almost finished the twelve days. This project was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.
Here are a few more resources that I think you might enjoy.
If you want to learn anything about paint or mediums, Gamblin's website will help you (link)
The best brush resource I have found is Rosemary and Co (link)
A great helpful description to draw an ellipse (and some other interesting, practical suggestions) can be found in Carol Marine's newly published and well-written book "Daily Painting" (link)

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