Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Works in Progress and Twelve Days #8 (making a Still Life Set up Box)

For a little while, I will post little paintings that are learning exercises (because that is the best I have right now). Some of these are only a little better than a wipe (hopefully, as I progress and have learned from these, I will paint over them). This is a study working on texture, reflection and color change of similar colored objects. Do you feel like you are leaning to the left????

Day 8 of my twelve days shows how to make a set up for displaying and lighting a still life like this one.

It is helpful to have a a directed, isolated light source when you are painting a still life set up. An idea for making this set up for your home space as a hobby or learning painter originated from a workshop I attended. You need two like-sized boxes (I bought two new 12" square boxes from Walmart). One box, you make into its "box-form". The second one open only to create an "L" shape. Temporarily attach the "L" to the box with duct tape and test its height for where you want to use it. When satisfied, permanently attach with your favorite super glue. Drape the "L" frame with one yard piece of fabric attached to the sides with bull dog clamps.

Light the box with a concentrated clip-on light from the hardware store and a halogen bulb. You can clip the light to the "L" or to a free-standing light pole.

The cheapest light pole can be made by attaching "L" brackets to the bottom of a 2 x 4 x your desired height piece of wood.

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