Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Twelve Day #9 (my favorite (mostly art) magazines)

The poppy seeds I planted have loved this winter, are beautifully germinated and now starting to stretch out. If we don't have a late freeze, there should be lots to paint in April. Here is a late bouquet of zinnias from my summer garden that I painted from a photograph. If you are interested, you can buy this here

Day 9 of twelve days:
I have subscribed to many  magazines over the last twenty to thirty years . Most of my favorite ones have been art related. Sadly, many magazines start out strong with great visuals and wonderful information in their articles and then dwindle in content. In my "down-sizing" mode, I have maintained subscriptions to only the following titles, which seem to also be consistently good.

My favorite is the quarterly magazine: "The Art of Watercolor ". This is published in France and has consistently out-of-this-world-beautiful visuals and most often, great content, You can learn more about this here,

Almost as consistent is the magazine " International Artist Magazine". This magazine also features a quarterly contest which often has wonderful new work. You can find more here

Some of the articles in the Professional Artist magazine have kept me subscribed (link) but I will think about it when the renewal subscription notices start to arrive.

My favorite for motivation and self-direction remains Oprah's "O" magazine. I start at the end and read to the front....If you read this, you know why.  Martha Beck's monthly article is often my favorite regular feature.

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