Saturday, January 3, 2015

Starting the NewYear

I have been absent from blogging while I think about my goals for this year.
I have always been driven. As I stated my second career, I wanted to do it to my best ability. Therefore, I applied what I knew about learning to be a doctor: study, practice, study some more and while I have definitely improved as a painter, I lost a little of the "Fun" of being creative.
So, in addition to more "improving",  re-working my blog and web page, marketing (just to be able to pay for my supplies and learning), I will add back the best part of being creative. Here is step one. These are all silks: velvet silk, dupioni, silk satin, habatoi, silk charmeuse etc soaking a a variety of dye mixes.
I'll show you what I am working on step-by-step.
However, tomorrow, I am off to "Hawk Manor Falconry" (link) to see the beautiful birds that Chip Gentry has.  Wishing you fun in 2015, also!

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