Sunday, December 21, 2014

Twelve Days (day 11) (favorite art books)

This is a larger painting that I painted last year. It is hanging in Raleigh looking for a "forever home".

Day 11 of Twelve Days
Here are my favorite "visual" books. By that I mean books that are filled with wonderful images by wonderful artists. These are the books that I would take to a desert island.

Oil Paintings:
1. Alla Prima II by Richard Schmid
In addition to being a wonderful teaching resource, the images in this book are breath-taking.
2. Nicholai Fechin by Mary N Balcomb.  Fantastically expressive images
3. Portrait of Maquoketa by Rose Franzen. Her portrait series uses wonderful colors
4. Joaquin Sorolla Blanca Pons-Sorolla San Diego Museum of Art: Beautiful paintings filled with light

1. John Singer Sargent Watercolors by Erica Hirshler and Teresa Carbone (175 color illustrations) from the MFA and Brooklyn Museum of Art's fabulous recent large museum exhibit.
2. Like Moving Poems by Guan Weixing.  These watercolors are very emotional, lose and expressive.
3. One Upon an Island by Stephen Scott Young in the Bahamas: fabulous design in these paintings

1.The Art of Annemeike Mein: The most amazing textile dimensional "paintings"

 If you have favorites, I would like to hear about them

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