Monday, December 1, 2014

Sketch Series #4 (Red) and Twelve Days #1 (blogs)

This image refuses to behave. I cropped it so that the parrot has room to his left and the white of the paper is bright white.
I will reshoot it in the light of tomorrow and replace it, if you want to look again. To purchase this (link)

In the meanwhile, my bird series continues. Daniel Smith has a great sale for the next couple of days (including reduced shipping).  I love their watercolors. They are richly pigmented. They also have excellent descriptions of their paints. I am interested in playing with more granulation. I want the colors to "split" to add to the illusion of feathers. I can hardly wait to try these new ones.

I promised twelve days of art suggestions for  Christmas.
First are my favorite art blogs.
For the most information, I love
1. Ancient Artist Developing an Art Career After Fifty: by Sue Favinger (link)
The Goggle description: career advice, inspiration and coaching for people over 50 who are just starting out as fine artists, offering more than a decade of actual.....
Her essays are very thoughtful, well-researched and excellent. They are excellent for all painters and especially for older painters like me.
2. Carolyn Anderson Artist (link) has recently started a blog. Her blog (like her fabulous, information-packed workshops) are also very dense, informative and extremely well-written. I love the fabulous paintings that Carolyn adds to each of her posts.
3. For beautiful work, I love when Karin Jurick's " A Painting Today" (link) blog posts arrive in my  email.
Though she doesn't post often,  Liz Wiltzen- A Painter's Journal (link) has great content and interesting work and I also enjoy Art Talk by Julie Ford Oliver (link)
These should keep you busy for now!

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