Saturday, December 3, 2016

Gold Leafed Monarch

Gold Leaf Monarch/ oil and gold leaf  on board/ 5 x 7
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When I visited my artist sister Kate Church (link), we talked about gold leafing. (Kate had recently purchased one of my golf-leaf enhanced watercolors. Yes, I did write "purchased". Kate is an amazing artist. She understands the expense of art materials and refused to accept my work as a gift. Instead, she gave ME a wonderful gift. Her ongoing support and confidence are so much and always appreciated).
So here is my first gold leaf-enhanced oil painting. Those of you close to me know that raising monarchs is a passion of mine. This is one of my monarchs that flew this fall. I had such a great time working on this that I purchase silver and copper (and more gold) leaf to try!!

I have also promised a new blog format for 2017. To kick it off, I will be offering a little "give away". If you already subscribe to my blog, you will be entered. If you know someone who might want to subscribe, check it out in Jan and share (tell me with whom) and I will enter you again for your referral (and if your person actually subscribes, they will be entered). Hope your holiday shopping is going well!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Little Pig (who is glad he is not a Turkey)

Little Pig/ oil on gesso board/ 6 x 6/ SOLD

I have been experimenting with layering thicker paint to achieve more texture. and mingling colors. Animals seem to be good subjects to try this with.

I am also painting over an under color. This one was black flat acrylic paint. If you look closely, you can see small pieces of black peeking out.

I am continuing to work on revising my blog for 2017. ..

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gold Leaf Watercolors

Gold Duck/ watercolor and gold leaf/ 7 x 6
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This morning, I reworked some little gold leaf watercolors that needed just a little more value. Here they are: just in time for the holidays!

They look great as a collection. Which is your favorite?

Gold Egret/ watercolor and gold leaf/ 6 x 8.5
Purchase here

Gold Rabbit/ watercolor and gold leaf/ 6.25 x 6.5
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angel Blues/ oil on panel, 7 x 5/ SOLD

The second (the first was not a "keeper") in a series of "mud faced" angels. Camille Przewodek describes simplifying her beautiful painted faces as "mud faces". When I went recently to buy birthday cards at Hallmark, I found these beautiful simple "mud-faced" figurines. Their wings are a wire ribbon arrangement. However, they gave me the idea of posing them, re dressing them and adding holiday poinsettia or holly while playing with color.

Christmas Angel Reds/ oil on panel/ 7 x 5/ SOLD

This is the third one.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Special Holiday Priced Studies

Apple Study #1/ 4 x 4/ oil on gessobord/
will be shipped in a Priority Flat rate envelope

I have a class this weekend of relatively new painters. To help with the expense of supplies, we are working with a limited number of paints. To be as familiar as possible (this week) with these paints, I did a series of small paintings. I also worked on limiting the number of brushstrokes. I used on each study. The galleries where I sell most of my work, prefers larger paintings. Therefore, I painted  4 x 4 boards that I have currently. I am offering these little paintings at what might be an attractive price for a holiday gift.  This is only an online or pickup sale and will be available only until Thanksgiving.
Apple Study #2/ 4 x 4/ see above

Grapefruit Study/ 4 x 4/ see above

Monday, October 31, 2016

Update on 2017 Calendars

2017 calendars have been proofed and are currently in production

$24.95 plus NC tax if applicable
 plus $6.45 Priority Mail shipping, if desired

Pay Pal button available on the right margin or you can bring a check and pick up your calendar in person (Your NC total including tax will be $26.63)

I added quotes this year. Let me know what you think.