Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back From the Beach and New Colors

Beach Study #2 reworked/ oil on canvas on board/ 6 x 13/ $225
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You may remember this painting. I reworked it adding some better greens in the dunes and a cleaner, bluer sky color. These changes were inspired by a recent visit (and great images... painted soon?..) to Folly Beach. In addition, I have been reading and learning about painting color (again). My mom will have surgery in a couple of days so I will be away for a little while.

My sister found this. I love it
There is a powerful exercise, quite simple , which I began to use many, many years ago.
Who would I have met on the way , be it a person or an insect , the first thought that I assume with respect to this point: "I wish you happiness ! " But most importantly, that this idea was indeed the very first , "I wish you happiness ."
It completely changes on what is going on between you and that person.
I say this from personal experience .
Sometimes it's very difficult when you meet the enemy when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected tough situation ...
And at this point you get an opportunity to create more space around you ... You see how it pops up this negative emotion , and before it will take "up" over you , you have time to convert it ... You see everything as it is: that's evident ignorance ; anger - not that other, as ignorance from my side, from their side..
Convert him, let go , turn into love.
Try it and see how much everything will change in your life . "
~ Richard Gere

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sunshine at the Beach

Sunshine at the Beach/ oil on board/ 7 x 5/ $125
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So, here is the story about this painting and HOW it was painted. I received a beautiful image of a little person at the beach SIMILAR to this one.
I thought, since I love painting children in the sunshine, and have done many (from behind) at the beach, that this would be a commission that I could accept and accomplish. I agreed to a 7 x 5 size. I prepped the board with a beautiful bright pink acrylic underpainting. I then began the painting. Although there are only small face elements, my brush facility and tiny plane changes needs work. Soon, the little person had a new identity. Furthermore, her beach attire didn't work compositionally with my painting. I allowed the painting to decide on new bright colors and a new little person. The tiny squares of color also evolved with the painting. Sometimes this happens: the painting takes over. I think this little painting is full of happiness and I am grateful for more lessons learned.

P.S. I painted the commission piece (with a reasonable likeness) in watercolor with her original beach wear.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Small Flower Sketch

I heard an apt description of becoming an artist last week. I have to search out the source to give due credit. Unfortunately, my memory especially for names, is rusting lately. This person said that learning to paint was like a spiral: create a beautiful piece and then slide right back to the beginning with wipes and poor results: restart the climb forward to another success and then slip right back down the loop. I like this. It suggests that progress is steadily forward despite the necessary backsliding as you learn and grow.
This is a little warm  up for a larger painting using bright colors and loose brush strokes.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Instagram Camping

I painted this from an instagram photo from my nephew.  For those of you who know me, you know I believe what Cheap Joe (Joe Miller) told a friend of mine. He said that he had two sets of clothes: one set that HAD paint on them and the other set that was GOING to have paint on them. I get paint everywhere, so I paint in my throw away clothes that are now completely decorated. Which brings me to the instagram photo and the new additions to my phone....
I hope my nephew appreciates my sacrifice...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Eggplant Studies

My garden now has some beautiful eggplants which I love to paint. Here is watercolor study. The water bleeds suggest the highlights. The soft edges and warm/ cool color changes contribute to the illusion of round form.

Here is the same eggplant, turned on its side, painted in oil, The round form is created using soft edges and warm/cool temperature shifts. The bright highlight is the lightest blue color.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Companions and Value Mapping

This is the source photo for a value exercise and then a painting. After converting this image to grey scale, I drew the shapes that could be separated and assigned a value using the Munsell system where white is "9".

If you squint, you will notice that some of the areas merge together. For example, the side of the shoe and some of the dog's legs are the same value as the sidewalk. Therefore, these shapes merge. I think this drawing of the defined values is more interesting than the source photo.

I wanted the dog walk to be at the beach, so the colors had to change. Plus I wanted a more investing diagonal separating the sand and the water. So far, the values pattern in the painting does not match the plan. The dog legs and the shoe edge that I was so happy with are a different value than the sand so I will work on these areas and see if the dog becomes less "cut out"

Companions/ oil on canvas board/ 6 x 13/ $225
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Most of the value changes in this version were darkening the beach. As always, it is so interesting to see how changing one color affects others around it. For example, the blue is the same and yet it looks darker to me in this new version. The dog seems to be moving more here as well. Ready for the next exercise

Friday, July 24, 2015

Out Wandering

Out Wandering/ oil on canvas on board/ 7 x 13/ $250
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I started a new class. We began with values. My assignments this lesson included converting master paintings to grey scale, creating both a 5 and 9 value grey scale  and then taking photographs, simplifying them and assigning vales to the simplified images. With value on my mind, I worked on some of the problems I had been having with this little study and was delighted to find solutions,

Here are my value scales. Next post I'll show my source photo, value pattern and the study I did.

These were painted on old mat board on which I had applied quick layer of gesso. Not beautiful but cheap and it works.