Monday, July 6, 2015

Color: Zinnias 1

Zinnias 1/  oil on board/ 4 x 4/ $75
Purchase here
I thought I would do a series of bright zinnias (maybe some nasturtiums also) over the next few days. The colors are gorgeous. My thought is to have the bright colors emerge from bright colors. Let's see how this works out!
Here is the first: hot pink/red.

Friday, July 3, 2015

High Key Little Pig

I struggled with this cute little pig yesterday. I don't mind struggling over a painting. however, I like to understand why something isn't working. Let;s start with the eyes. I usually like very realistic eyes but they didn't work in this little pig, so I left the little button eyes, though this was after several repainting. The colors: pinks are always a challenge for me and I had to have a "cool" to set back the left side of the face and a "warm" to round the advancing parts of the pig. I finally settled on glazing a purple mix and a light yellow over the underpainting. I also glazed a thin white over the background to add more light. Maybe all of my struggles were with the high key and limited value range of this little guy.  happy 4th!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why I practice with Fruit and Oil

Study Peaches and Cherries/ oil on re-used board/ 6 x 8/ $135
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You know that I have come to painting late in my life. Not the interest in all things art but the practice and learning "how to". You also know that my primary medium is watercolor and yet most of my small study paintings, most of my recent workshops/classes and books are about oil painting. This is because I find that oil painters, in general, have done a better job of describing what I need to learn to become better at painting. Most of my favorite watercolorists paint first in oil and describe their methods from that beginning.
 I know my heart wants to paint loose, abstracted lost-edged but still realistic paintings. Painting small oil painting exercises of fruit seems to be my way to make progress toward these goals. Thank you for sharing my progress and for supporting my learning.

 I am so excited and honored to share that my painting "Vigilance" was chosen by juror Judi Morris to hang in the Northwest Watercolor Society 75th International Exhibition opening in Seattle tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Commission Color Changes

Here is another color comparison. This little dog was painted close to the values of a photograph I had altered to decrease the shadow of the little guy's face in a client's photo. However, as painted (left) the client hoped to have the shadow side even lighter than this. Because values are related on the lit and shadow sides of an object, I decided to re alter the photo, further increasing the exposure and then repaint.

Here is the lighter painting with a lighter background. This version felt better to the client.

To me, this is another interesting effect of color and how color creates a feeling: scruffy, rambunctious or refined and trimmed. I am working on a series of crows. A dark background makes them more menacing. I'll share this soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Front NC

Beach Dunes/ oil in canvas mounted on board/ 7 x 13/ $250
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This is a painting of a beautiful beach in North Carolina. Piled sand dunes with gorgeous seagrasses are seen in many locations. I liked working on the subtle colors that are visible in the white sand and the blue skies.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Musing about Color Interactions: Bengal

Bengal Study/ oil on board/ 6 x 6/ $100
Purchase here

Here is the original and repainted little cat painting from this week. Again, the cat is unchanged in these paintings and you can see the effect that colors placed beside each other have on each other. To my eyes, the green background makes the orange fur "oranger". This effect is discussed in books about color (an excellent discussion about simultaneous color modifications can be found in "Color Right From the Start by Hilary Page).

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Working on the "fur edges"

I have wiped this cat painting three times. I was struggling with the edges. I wanted the cat to look "furry" not cut out. The trick seems to be to paint wet into wet at the edges and best if it connects the transparent under colors. Tomorrow, when this is drier, I may overpaint the background but I'll decide that with "fresh eyes' At least the edge problem is better!!