Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Sketch of the Morning Light

The light this morning was beautiful when my friend Judy Glover (here is a link to her art) went to find interesting landscapes to photograph. On our early trip, we made new friends and caught these cows.
This is just a quick painting to try and remember the light. I will use it to paint something more finished soon.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Independence Day Beach Goers

Independence Day BGs/ oil on canvas on board/ 7 x 13/ $200
I have completed another large watercolor (getting ready for upcoming deadlines) and working on finishing some commission work.

I squeezed this little beach study in. It was painted on a red background and I used a minimum of colors. I am working on looser brushwork. I especially like the back of the man on the left.

You can purchase this here

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 I have been working on geraniums for a commission. This is my first study. The reds are a mixture of cad yellow deep, or cad orange and cad red medium or napthol red or both in the warm/lit areas. In the shadow side, the reds are alizarin crimson, permanent rose and napthol red. In some areas there is either purple or transparent oxide brown added fr the darkest reds. This little exercise was under painted with thin transparent colors.  The darkest areas were complete with the first layer of transparent darks.

Sunlit Susans/ oil on board/ 6 x 6/ $125
This is my second geranium study. Again, this was painted with an under layer of transparent colors.

You can buy this here

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dogs at the Beach Series Continued

Beach Shepherd #3/ oil on board/ 5 x 7/Low Country Gallery HH
An other little painting done on a red/pink acrylic ground. This image, I have painted before. As I search for painting subjects and look at beach images, it continues to be one of my favorites. It is fun to see the different ways one painter paints the sane image.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dogs at the Beach

Dogs at the Beach #2/ oil on board/ 6 x 6/ Low Country Gallery, HH
This is the second dogs at the beach series.

Again, I used a red-pink acrylic ground and left areas showing through. This one is less abstract (the pieces of pink left are less apparent and less of a "design" element.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dogs at the Beach Series

Lab at the Beach/oil on board/ 5 x 7/ Low Country Gallery HH
I completed the first set of large watercolors and before starting another, I am experimenting with compositional ideas.

This small painting was painted over a red acrylic ground. As I painted, I loved the red showing and decided to leave a lot of it and call this one finished.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cherries and Chicken

Cherries Shine study/ oil on board/4 x 4/ $75

Here is a little 4 x 4 of cherries with the goal to paint the "shine" on the fruit.
It will be for sale here.

Today I worked on more small chickens. Here is the first. This is from a photo my husband brought home from chasing chickens in Scotland.
Scottish Chicken/ oil on board/ 5 x 5/ Low Country Gallery HH

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cherries: Study #1

Cherries: Study #1/ oil on board/ 6 x 8/ Low Country Gallery, HH
This is painted on a failed painting that I scraped and sanded back to an awful-looking surface. I then painted a layer of acrylic greens over the surface. The cherries were painted over the the very dark background.
Today, I hope to paint a single cherry depicting the great colors of red, the shine and reflective surface.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art Class

Art Class/ oil on canvas board/ 7 x 13/ Low Country Gallery HH
I haven't posted paintings lately. I have been painting large watercolors (which take about a week of painting time each) and working on areas that I want to advance in as a painter. This is often a lot of "two steps forward and more steps back".
I have learned about paper properties and am working on composition and design. I hope to write a little about each after I get clear of the upcoming deadlines.

 I also have time in the summer for the little artists in my life. Last week, I painted with three special young ladies. I'll post more soon. Happy summer!