Saturday, January 19, 2013

"This Is For You"

"This is for you"/ oil on board/ 6" x 6"/ sold

Day 18 of the Thirty in Thirty Challenge by Leslie Saeta (link). My theme has been color.

I love the "glow" in this painting. I think it happens because the warm greens travel through the painting. They are complimented by the red and the warm tones (reds and oranges) in the hair and floor.

Watching a child draw gives me a feeling of peace and warmth, which may be another reason I like this little painting.   Children don't fear the blank page. They love making marks, adding color, exploring. Adult artists need to remember to do the same: to be "in the moment". "This is for you".

I added some more color to my little watercolor today. The goal is to have at least one small watercolor posted on "Watercolor Wednesday". The foreground rose was painted with thin layers of color. Each layer was dried completely before the next layer was applied. To define form, I looked for the warm (yellow glow or undertones or orange pinks) and the cool (the light blues and the opera-type pinks) areas of color. The colors I used were indian yellow, cobalt blue, permanent rose, scarlet red and opera.


  1. "This Is For You" is a charming painting with great color. Reminds me of my first love, teaching kindergarten!

  2. I love to paint kids drawing. You really captured him. Great painting.