Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exercise Using an Orange: Part One of Watercolor Wednesday

Exercise Using an Orange/ oil on board/ 4" x 4"/ NFS
Today is Day 23 of the Thirty in Thirty Challenge (link).
My theme has been color.
This colorful painting was accomplished by painting transparent colors in a random pattern as an underpainting. Then the orange was painted on top. This  dragged some of the under colors into the paint and made interesting mixes. Lastly, the painting was randomly scratched with the end of the paint brush which cause color mixing of the layers of paint. You will either love or hate this. I am loving it!

 I also started small watercolors for next Wednesday. The background in this first little painting was painted onto wet, prestretched Fabriano 140# paper. The colors included permanent magenta. ultramarine blue deep, sap green, and pthalo green and combinations of these colors.

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