Monday, January 14, 2013

"Attack" Dog

"attack' Dog/ oil on board/ 5" x 7"/ SOLD
Here is another challenge painting. Remember that my theme is "color" for the Thirty in Thirty Challenge (link). Today is day 13.
This happy dog couldn't find anyone who wasn't a friend!

I continue to be interested in defining what makes a good painting but I have stalled on my own larger painting at the shape plan and edges. This little painting does have lost, soft and hard edges and I like the contrast of the orange in its fur and the blue background.


  1. Your work is Lovely! You do a great job on texture and color. I can tell that you are thinking about what define's a good painting. It shows!

  2. great colors and wonderful strokes in this one. Love it!

  3. One runs out of superlatives after awhile in these challenges.
    Your choice of subject is delightful.
    The color is delicious.
    The design is elegant.
    I want to hug this dog.

  4. Fantastic texture and color - love this.

  5. What a great painting..LOVE the lighting! : )

  6. Thank all of you for your comments. You have made it so that I can't wait to start today!