Monday, January 21, 2013

Flower Market and Second Layer to the Tulip Watercolor

Flower Market/oil on board/ 5" x 7"/SOLD
Today is Day 20 of Leslie Saeta's Thirty in Thirty Challenge (link).
My theme is color.
I wanted, in addition to finding a small painting with color for today, to continue experimenting with paint application.
I painted this wet into wet with the under layer of transparent colors. After I finished my painting, I scratched the surface and dragged colors into each other. It didn't add much. I used a fan brush and smoothed the scratched lines and melded the colors. Now, it was too "blurry". I added thick spots of color, some with a knife.
Finally, I broke up areas of massed color and added a few darks to carry through the painting. I enjoyed this process. This little painting is loose and colorful.

Watercolor Wednesdays Second Start:
I started to add the foreground tulip today. Glazes of aureolin, indian yellow and a hint of cobalt were used for the first layer. Once this was dry, an overlayer of scarlet red was added to add form. The red flames were applied once the yellows were dry and carmine was used for this.


  1. Brilliant. OOh, this is so Warm and Inviting. You do such a great job manipulating your color strokes. going to have to study this one closer

  2. Thank you Kelly. I am so glad you like it.