Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watercolor Wednesday: Painting using Water

Colors: Holbein cobalt turquoise light, Winsor Newton cobalt blue, Schmincke aureolin, Winsor Newton new gamboge, Holbein cad red light, da Vinci permanent rose.

This method uses water to model glass.1. Wet the paper and allow to bleed past the edge of the jar. Just as the shine disappears, drop liquid paint onto the surface.

Mop out areas of white highlights with a thirsty brush. Allow the paper to dry. 2. Paint the shadow areas of the lid onto paper that has been wet and just lost its sheen. This time, apply paint that is quite thick so it doesn't move much when it is applied to the moist paper. Because the paper is moist,  this will still create a soft edge.


After drying, 3. the paint the lid in with the various neutrals made from the original colors.
Paint the shadows of the letters are onto dry paper. Gently lift highlights.

Add a background of wet paint onto wet paper. 
Next week, the same jar will be painted in thin glazes to compare techniques.

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