Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fractured Primroses

I asked Kat Coy, an excellent painter friend of mine (her blog), how she achieved her beautiful flesh tones. She recommended the book "The Yin Yang of Painting" by  Hongnian Zhang. This beautiful book uses complementary color palettes, illustrated by beautiful paintings. I decided to experiment with these limited colors. This painting is done in red and green (and a last bit of cad yellow (cinnabar green light was not enough for me)). In addition, I have been experimenting with edges and texture (scratching mostly). Julie Ford Oliver (link) recently published her "fracturing technique" as an art byte (found here). This is my first attempt that seemed to achieve what I wanted using this technique. It is a lot of fun, definitely worth trying!


  1. This is a knockout of a painting Sue. Be a shame if you didn't try more of the fracturing again.
    Thanks for giving my video credit and thanks for recommending the book too.
    I will put your link on tomorrow's post.

  2. LOVE the Fracturing! nice small intimate painting & thanks for sharing the book! You are doing a great job keeping up your blog

  3. Thank you Julie and Kelly. I really enjoy how the fracturing technique loosens up the painting.