Friday, February 15, 2013

Priming Experiments: Impressionistic Colt on Grey

Colt on Grey/ oil on board/ 4" x 4" /$75
I actually painted this yesterday while I was playing with testing different backgrounds. This background was quite slick and hard to make the paint "stick". I found the little rectangular strokes worked the best technically.  I thought it made an interesting painting. Today, I spent a FANTASTIC day in a workshop by Paul McCormack. If you want to be amazed, look here. Yes, these are watercolors!!!!


  1. I would never have thought this was a water color. It's so rich. I love your harmonies and energy in this piece!

  2. I hope you are referring to Paul's watercolors. They are truly unbelievable. This little horse study is an oil, though. Thanks you for your comments. I'll keep working...