Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coneflowers in Mason Jar

Coneflowers in Mason jar/ Oil on board/ 8 x 6/

Last week, I cut all of the coneflowers in my yard to create this bouquet. However, the mass of flower heads did not make a great composition. After looking at a painting that I wasn't happy with for a day,  I painted out one of the central flowers.
I especially like this color grouping. The pinks against the blues and the turquoises make me feel "sunny" and positive.  Note to artist friends: the blues are cobalt light, radiant turquoise and horizon blue. Some are mixed with cad lemon yellow. The pinks are perm rose, cad red medium and radiant magenta.

Yesterday I painted a rooster/chicken running. But again, I am not happy with it. My plan in my "learning time today, is to "fracture it" or destroy the edges.
I'll post a before and after whether or not it works, next post.

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