Sunday, July 24, 2016

Susans and Daisies

Susans and Daisies/ oil on stretched canvas/ 10 x 8

Recently, I have been mostly painting on oil primed canvas. I especially like "Centurion" brand sold by Jerry's Artarama.

 Usually I paint on their canvas boards but today's paintings was painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas. The Centurion surface allows me to paint a thin underpainting layer (see the grey purple at the bottom) and wipe back to white areas that I want to eventually paint intense clean color (the bright yellow Susan's petals). (It also wipes failed paintings back to white). This surface has a nice texture and "grabs" the paint better than the slick surface of gesso board. It also makes painting looser edges easier.

I began this painting sitting on the ground outside in my garden. I added thicker additional layers of color inside in my studio.

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