Monday, July 18, 2016

Hidden Goldfinches

I just returned from a visit with my talented sister Kate Church. I attended her 20 year exhibition as an artist. Kate, her artsy house, Nova Scotia and her 100 fairies and wonderful paintings were all inspirational. I hope that upcoming work will reflect some of it.
Today, while I sort laundry, catch up sales and details, I touched up a painting I started before my trip.

I adore goldfinches. I have a family in my yard presently. I love how well they "blend into" the brown-eyed Susans that have gone crazy and are growing (probably from the seeds that last year's goldfinch family sowed) everywhere. Artistically, I am continuing to work on edges. I find "regular" petals on flowers like Susan's and daisies to be challenging. First, I make them too uniform. Then I adjust them and struggle with too loose..

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