Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zinnias on an Snowy Morning

Zinnias on a Sunny Morning/ 8 x8/ SOLD

We are expecting record lows as the week progresses, so I think I will finish my bright-paintings.
I am reinforcing my new watermark "skill". (Those of you who have been my students know that my pediatrician-background sneaks in. I often remind (especially my adult learners) that permanent memory requires active learning and forgetting seven times). In case you are wondering, I am adding a watermark, so that if any of my images get to Pinterest, they can be traced back.  Personally, I am terrible at filing. I often have an image of a painting that I adore and I have no recollection of where or who it came from. Copying is not a concern for me. I still have so very much to learn...

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