Sunday, February 15, 2015

Working on Edges: Apples Inspired by the Ladies From Boone

Apples Inspired by the Ladies From Boone/ 8 x 8/ SOLD

I have just completed two awesome days teaching.
This little painting was inspired by two special ladies.  One goal for these two adventurous fabulous students was to experiment with fracturing. I have played around with destroying edges with rubber scrapers, brush ends, knives, credit cards and the tool described previously devised by Julie Ford Oliver.  I have watched David Shevlino destroy and rebuild his paintings until they are wonderful on u tube. While looking for reference material for our class, Pinterest suggested a pin of a painting by Ann Feldman who also has a wonderful on line demo of interesting painting studies including mosaics and fracturing.
Until today, this painting was an 8 x 8 study of an apple and slices that was uninspired and lifeless. The colors were wonderful (cads and caribbean blue) and the apple slices were fairly well (and realistically) rendered. However, the painting seemed to reside permanently on my "fix or discard" pile. At last, it has been overpainted with thick color, a knife, a fracturing tool and a credit card and I love it.

I also learned how to easily add a watermark, so I will describe that later this week and tell you about what I learned from my other new special students.


  1. You are certainly developing your own voice in the school of lost and found or as you call it destroy and rebuild. I can see it is it is becoming more natural for you. Your instincts are guiding you. I love it - such beautiful colors and regaining the lost form without getting too stiff. Congratulations. Exciting to see.
    Look at Carolyn Anderson work, too. She does people and you said you love to do them.

  2. Thank you, Julie. I adore Carolyn Anderson's work and she is very special to me.