Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This will describe step-by-step a reinvention of a painting using lots more paint, destruction of edges and then rediscovery of the subject.
Here is a dry, older uninspired painting.

Although not corrected for lighting the colors used on the paintings included: Caribbean Blue, Cad Red Medium, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cadmium Lemon, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine Blue, Transparent Oxide Red  and Titanium White.

First, the colors were thickly painted over the original painting.  Then they were scraped across their borders and redeposited in the neighboring areas. This moving of paint also thins the paint on the board, making it easy to repaint the image.

I thought I wanted to repaint both the melon slice and the plate it was resting on. When I re painted the melon and plate, I used stronger more chromatic paint (cad red, straight cad orange and browns)

Here an orange and a marble were added to the original composition. I left the marble hard-edged and made it gently glow. I worked to have the orange seem to be more abstract and ill-defined on the left and emerge more realistically on its right side. Now, the warm brown on the right seemed isolated.

Therefore, I added some back to the left side.
 This is a better quality image of the painting so far.
I think that the many lines on the left need some softening.

This is the final version.

To play with this one needs
1. lots of paint on the canvas or board to be able to move it around
2. a willingness to experiment with the interplay of color as you put colors from the foreground into the background and vice versa
3. a question  for the painting: "What if...?"
 4. a lack of preciousness: One has to be willing to toss it out if the answer to the painting question is "That didn't work..."

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