Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheerful Geraniums

Reminding myself about color mixes and choppy brushstrokes with this little painting. This was very fun to paint after a day "drawing with scissors" (see below). I think this type of painting is mostly a color exercise. I believe the attractiveness of this type of painting is the "mood" the colors evoke. For example, this makes me feel warm, cheerful, happy. What about you?
FYI: I did an experiment measuring comments/ interaction on FB compared to this blog and unfortunately, FB is ahead....

Here are some silk cut outs.
It is interesting, to me, that while I am working on "movement" and the transition of foreground into background in my watercolors, I am also compelled to work on these silk pieces which are the complete opposite: static and graphic. So fortunate to be able to create....

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