Friday, January 30, 2015

Radish Study

 This painting was inspired by a recent painting by Julie Ford Oliver (link). Julie has an art byte on Daily Paintworks about her fracturing technique. Fracturing is a neat way to alter the edges in a painting. In addition, this process physically moves the color of the subject into the background and vice versa. I find it works best (for me) when I have reds and greens in the subject. The recent Julie Ford Oliver painting was a wonderful still life with radishes, green onions, garlic and a well-placed mustard jar.  It sold before I could think about adding it to my collection. The radishes stayed in my mind. Unfortunately, where I live, the produce is limited. Radishes are available in plastic bags, cut and prepped.  So, on a trip to Durham, we ran into their grocery store and found "overwatered", slimy -topped radishes (and I wondered whether these radishes don't get topped, bagged and sent to our branch of the store when the tops have totally melted away). Armed with radishes, I then worked on this little study. It took a couple of wipes, but I think I like this version.


  1. Congratulations, Sue on making this your own version. I really like the life you put into it with the fracturing. Great job!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Julie. You are an inspiration.