Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 29: Colorful Orange Pieces

Day 29 of the challenge is today. I wanted to try something different today. This is a painting of zinnias that had wonderful color and a terrible design. Now, it is "repurposed" to be the underpainting of these orange slices. I wanted the pinks to remain present. This painting then put paint on (thickly over the underpainting) and then scraped (using a knife and a clay shaper-type of tool) paint off: reapplied more thick paint and..scraped it off and around. I will look at it again tomorrow and decide what changes it needs.

You can see other d 29 paintings on Leslie Saeta's  blog page. She is planning o discussing what the challenge accomplished on "Artists Helping Artists" blogtalk radio this Thursday, Oct 2.

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