Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 21 of the challenge

This is a warmup since I haven't painted in watercolor for the past week.  I continue to experiment with the texture and colors of peaches in oil and I hope to have some of these paintings posted to complete the thirty day challenge.
As I struggle on some of these challenge days and also as I look at the postings of the other participants, I think that the challenge might be better if there was a daily commitment (perhaps a process posting to one's blog) and then a weekly post of the "best of the week's work".
Probably this would be even better if there was an opportunity to actively participate in constructive criticism of one's work....Seems that to improve, one needs to commit to "the work and paint regularly (in this case: daily)  but also to the critical evaluation of the progress.


  1. Beautiful watercolor: so fresh!
    I find interesting your reflection about the daily painting challenge.
    I think we must see it more like a good opportunity to experiment mediums and explore subjects...
    This challenge is good to get more confident, to acquire discipline but not necessarly a way to paint masterpieces !

  2. Great colors! You switched to watercolors so nicely. I like all the fresh and pretty paintings. Keep up the good work!