Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 24: Tiny Rabbit Watercolor Sketch

I am working on a new large watercolor piece and working with a great new class of painters (see below) so I didn't have time to get to work on oil today. However, inspired by yesterday's little dog that "showed up",  I decided to try a rabbit for today's challenge entry. Here are the best parts of this painting:1. the lost edges that allow the rabbit to "be" and "not be" 2. the eye and the trick to eyes is the shadow over the top of the iris that is cast by the upper lid (dark on the top, light on the lower iris and it becomes round and lifelike) and then there is the side-by-side placement of warm and cool colors ....

Here is  a link to the other day 24 entries and travel down to see the wonderful paintings completed by my "beginner" (hardly) oil painting class.

Pretty fabulous! One worked on copying a favorite painting and the other two are from personal photographs. They all make me smile!