Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Painting on Aquabord

Recently, I have been experimenting with watercolor on aquabord  by Ampersand (link).  Aquabord can be treated to frame work without glass. Aquabord  is a bright white clay coated hardboard that feels coarse both to touch and to brushes.

What I have learned so far: I have found that synthetic brushes work best for me on this surface. Advantages of this surface include the ability  to  use transparent application of thin layers of color which gives the sparkle and translucency that is special to watercolors. For me, this works best by prewetting the area for the thin wash, complete drying and then rewetting and reapplication of an additional thin wash. This surface uniquely allows for the correction of watercolors by washing back to the bright white base.  For granulating or deeper color, I find it is better to lay unmixed component colors in creamier consistency onto larger prewet or smaller dry areas of the painting. I especially like the way the surface allows the bleed backs that add interest to the paintings.

Here are some recent paintings on aquabord, I especially like.
Sentry/ watercolor on aquabord/ 6 x 6/ unframed/ Low Country Gallery