Sunday, November 10, 2013

Home again

This was photographed while still on my easel (hence the shadows on the top by the hands). It was painted on the fourth day of Carolyn Anderson's fantastic workshop that I attended a week ago. Carolyn filled the four days of class with fabulous demonstrations, hands on explanations and help while the class painted from models, and one half day from Carolyn's photographs. Carolyn also shared and explained her understanding about light and color, edges, color mixing and ideas about components of an exciting, interesting painting. Probably this was the best workshop that I have experienced. I hope to continue learning from it as I look over my notes, attempt to incorporate what she taught, and read the books Carolyn suggested. I also want to relook at works by Sargent, Serov, Fechin, Tkachev and others that she shared in class as she discussed color temperature and types of edges.

At the conclusion of the workshop, my wonderful husband picked me up. We traveled to see the exhibition of Sargent's watercolors at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. On our way home, we stopped at Chad's Ford and saw work by another favorite painter, Andrew Wyeth. Now, with the cat continuing to complain about my prolonged absence (howling everytime she spots me) , three loads of laundry going, my notes transcribed and e mail answered, and I am starting to feel "home. Hope you have been painting. I can't wait to share what I have learned......

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  1. Love this painting and can't wait to hear more about the workshop. Will you share the books that she recommended also?? I would be interested...