Monday, November 25, 2013

Commission Work 1

Darling Ballerina/ oil on board/ 5 x 7/ HAS A HOME
I have been working on completing a series of commissions. I hope to share many of them in the next several posts.
Commissions for me, take much longer than even my paintings that I am working on for show entries.
Commissions continue to be a learning exercise. First, I have learned to accept work only from someone who wants a painting in the style and of the subjects that I like to paint. (if you follow my blog, you know that I don't paint houses or detailed architectural structures). Next, I have learned that there are some requests that I can't accept. This may be because I am given an image  that I don't feel I can paint well enough to make the client happy. Sometimes, there is a deadline that I can't meet.
In fact, the commissions that result in my best paintings are usually given to me with absolutely no time pressure. That was the case with this ballerina painting. I was asked to paint from a beautiful photograph. This request was months ago but without a time deadline. I had enrolled in Carolyn Anderson's workshop. I felt that I would want to paint this after I had learned from this very special class.
Months later, the class completed, I love this little painting and give it with joy to its new home.

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