Thursday, August 29, 2013

Watery Flamingo Sketch

Watery Flamingo Sketch/ watercolor/ 5.5 x 7.
The goal for this painting was to paint it using lots of water and clean vibrant color. I wanted the bleedbacks to define the softness of the body contour and suggest the presence of feathers.To accomplish this, it is easier to use all transparent colors in the first wash. The best transparent orange is Schmincke's translucent orange. It is a true orange color with lots of strength and none of the chalky opacity of many of the other watercolor oranges.

I have just completed the alphabet book and ordered a prototype to check for errors. I have also created a 2014 calendar with many of my favorite paintings from this past year. I hope to have some of these available for purchase at the "Artist Demonstration Event" in Sutton's new courtyard on September 26. During this event, the artists hope to answer questions and share processes. If you are local, I hope you will drop by.

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