Friday, August 2, 2013

A Neat Way to Frame Daily Paintings on Boards

Yesterday, Ashley of Suttons Framing (link) and I worked on an option for framing the boards that many daily painters love to paint on.
If you are not a "DIY" person, Ashley or her people are happy to help you.

For the "Crafty" people:
stretcher frames (ideally sized one inch smaller than the board length)
(For 4" size, the smallest stretchers available are 4". These can be obtained at FrenchCanvas (link))
Flat acrylic spray paint color of your choice (we used )
excellent glue (E6000)
screw eyes
hanging wire
bumper corners

1. Assemble the stretchers. Line them up so that all the flat sides are on one surface and the ridged sides are on the other.
2. Spray paint all the surfaces. Don't miss the slits on the sides.
3. Attach the ridged surface to the back of the painting board with good quality glue. (The flat surface will have the screw eyes attached).
4. Measure the length of the vertical frame and divide by three. At 1/3 from the top, mark the position for the screw eyes and attach them.
5. Add the hanging wire and the bumper corners.

If you collect paintings, this method of framing will also allow you to arrange the paintings in a variety of ways.

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