Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Q" is for

"Q" is for/ oil on board/ 4x 4/ $75
Quandong. This was suggested by an internet search and was inspired by internet photographs since I have never seen a quandong and certainly not one that is hanging on a tree. Quandong is a native Australian fruit rich in vitamin C. It was a food for Australian Aborigines, eaten raw or dried. Quandongs were also used medicinally as ointments for skin sores, brewed to make purgative teas or infused to treat rheumatism. Europeans made chutneys, jams and pies from quandongs. Presently, state law prohibits the harvesting of native quandongs. Commercial quandong plantations are the current source.


  1. And I learned something new!!! Love the colors...a great "Q" addition to your alphabet!

  2. Thanks, Maria.....approaching the end now... just letters like "v, x and w"...