Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sylvan Heights and Flamingo Study

Many of you know that I have difficulty driving because of my vision. Therefore, I depend on the kindness of my friends and family to take me places beyond the small area near my house. Today, my husband took me to "Duckling Day" at Sylvan Heights (link). Sylvan Heights Bird Park allows an "up-close experience with over 2,000 ducks, geese, swans and other exotic birds from around the world" in an 18 acre facility. It is not to be missed if you are ever in the area. Here my husband (notice his handwritten correction to his "Mr Church" name tag) is "modeling" for me in the park's newest attraction "The Landing Zone" where visitors can purchase "feed sticks" to interact with the many birds in this exhibit.  "Duckling Day" was an amazing experience. The park's staff ands volunteers worked to make this a fantastic event as they hosted, educated and guided all of us today.

And, you know I am excited to have added to my bird images.... another of the subjects that I LOVE to paint.
Flamingo Study/ watercolor/12"x 10"/ SOLD
  This is another of the residents of The Landing Zone.

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