Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daisies and Roses and Foxgloves Worked Out

Daisies and Roses/ oil on board/ 8" x 8"
This small painting started by underpainting with magenta and coral acrylic paint. I scraped some of the painting back to expose pieces of the underpainting  and scratched the surface to "free" some of the tight flowers.

To understand how to paint foxgloves, I zoomed in on a couple of the blossoms.
These were dimensional on a white background also, so technically this will work. To achieve form: there are soft value shifts across the top of the blossoms, That means that where there is a change in value, the transition line has to be wet and blended. There is also a color transition from "warm" permanent rose to "cool" passionate purple, sometimes with a little cobalt to blue it further. The rim between the outer blossom and the tunnel inside is a very light value and then there is a sharp edge and a shadow color that has grey in it. Lastly, the inner dots have soft edges and blur together by a light directed clear water wash.

This background is three glazes of indigo over an underpainting of blurred greens and purples.

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