Monday, May 6, 2013

Pink Iris and Framing Small Daily Paintings

This is a small study squeezed into a day getting last minute things ready for Spring Open Studio.

Learning to frame small daily paintings will be a project following this week. I am hoping to partner with a local framer, Ashley Myers of Sutton's Framing (link). Ashley has found an interesting way to frame small boards without molding, allowing creative grouping of a series of paintings, and minimizing framing costs.  Until we complete this project, I have researched recommendations from other daily painters. I recently ordered three different frames from Daily Painters Frames (link). All three frames are unique and beautifully constructed. They were packed extremely well and the customer service was wonderful.

Below are quickly photographed images of these frames. I thought I might be able to use the 5" x 5" frame for a 4" x 4" painting but that was not possible. These are all small paintings on gesso board. The fractured primroses  measure 5" x 5", the beach girl  6" x 6" and the rabbit measures 8" x 8".

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