Monday, December 19, 2016


This is a commission that was gifted ahead of Christmas. I loved painting it. Horses are so regal and the shine on their coats is amazing.

Thank you to the many of you who have already signed up for my new blog starting 2017. You can stop reading here.

For anyone who missed my previous post, here is the scoop:
I have been working on copy for my blog (aka newsletter) that will be completely redone and ready with the arrival of 2017.

Depending on your interest, I  know you won't want to miss the tips, the step-by-step process descriptions or other surprises.

To make sure you receive this in your e mail inbox, you are going to have to re sign up because I will be switching to mail chimp as my platform. To sign up, you will have to click on this link which will take you to my web page. On most of the pages you will find a subscribe link or button. After you fill in your e mail, you will be prompted to activate your signup by a follow up e mail. I hope you will take a few minutes and sign up. I will re post this, in case you forget. Thank you, again!!

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