Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Peony Study

Peony Study (that I like) oil on board/ 10 x 8/ $195
Purchase here
I haven't posted for quite a long time now.
I have been re-evaluating where I want my art adventure headed. I have been working on technical challenges to make some of my goals more achievable.
Here is the first oil flower study that I am happy with as I move forward. This has warm shadows and cool lights. It has mostly soft or lost edges and it has a great sense of warmth. This study might be number 6 in my learning series (all the rest are wipers). I have asked Michael O'brien
(Fishing Creek Flower Farm) if he might have some more peonies so that I can continue to work on this flower type. I have found that working from life is so much better than photographs (as everyone wise has always said). In the meanwhile, I am also struggling with roses...

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