Sunday, April 20, 2014

Revised "Digs"

Revised "Digs"/ watercolor on aquabord/ 6 x 6/ $75
Here is the same painting as yesterday with small changes in color, value and edges.

You can see below the effect of sharp lines (hard edges) around the dog's left eye. On the revised painting, the edges of this eye are lost, the highlight is painted out, all by adding a brown wash.
The sharp -edged white patches on the dog's face are overpainted with a light warm value wash. The snout is elongated by more defined values (strengthening the darks and lightening the lights).

A special person commented that the original version should have been titled "Where is my Prosac?" This anxious effect is amplified by the repeated strong orange/red colors and all the hard edges. Hope this has been helpful. Happy Easter!

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