Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chance to Win

Bantum/ oil on board/ 4x4/ $75
I spent another fabulous day at Sylvan Heights yesterday. Just before you turn into the entrance drive, there is a "herd" of free range hungry chickens (and a couple of strutting turkeys). The cars that passed me photographing probably wanted me to know that the "good" birds were down the road. However, the sunshine was glorious and I couldn't resist taking some early shots. This is one of the guys.

I have not posted lately. I have been researching about blog/newsletter content, (possible usefulness), marketing (should I host a sale: with local artists, when; etc) and how to grow as a better painter. (new books, articles).
I would be most interested in your thoughts and ideas on any of the above.
If you have read this far here is what is in it for you:
1.  I will enter anyone's name who sends me a suggestion or idea into a drawing for a painting.
2. I will enter a person's name 2 times if they send me a suggestion AND suggest a friend sign up for my blog (honor system)
3. and I will enter your name 10 times if you send me a suggestion and have a friend actually verify on the feed burner sign up (send me an e mail address to watch for since no names are given in the stats, please)

Also, I have agreed to paint a pet portrait (6 x 6 or 5 x 7)  a one of the raffle prizes for Nash General. You can look for a good well lit photograph and I will let you know how to enter as soon as I know the details.

Thanks, as always for reading this. Hope you win.

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