Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Grapes

Only three days until the Artists' Demonstration (and sale) in Sutton's new courtyard (Thursday, September 26 11-6)! Matting, wrapping, inventory, selection of giveaway drawing prizes, samples of books, calendars, class descriptions...the list to be ready is being checked off.

I have also been working on a rabbit watercolor for this week's workshop on Saturday, September 27. The class will explore "texture" in watercolor. Following a series of exercises, we will paint a step-by-step painting. The distinct texture differences between the clear eyes and soft fur of a rabbit seemed an ideal subject. However, as I will share with my class, I am still not completely happy with my painting (now four rabbits later). They are all acceptable, but by Saturday, we'll be working on something special!! I lost a student, so if you are interested, let me know.

Today's painting is a study in my favorite visual compliments (reds and blues). If there is more sunlight tomorrow, I want to reshoot these and work on them again.

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