Monday, September 16, 2013

Home After a Rafting Adventure in the Grand Canyon

The smiles in this photo are for the thoughts of a shower and real bathroom after six days rafting down the Colorado River from Lee's Ferry to the bottom of Bright Angel Trail. This past week, my posts were prescheduled because I was "off the grid" and completely disconnected, which was very different.
Instead of my usual internet connection, my evenings were filled with tent construction, tent relocation for flash flooding, bright star constellations, and vast silence.  I had hoped to have a painting from my trip to post today. Unfortunately, for my painting plans, we had so much rain the first three days of this trip that my watercolor pad was still damp (and painting itself) as it was unpacked late yesterday.
Instead of sharing a painting , I will recommend that, if the Grand Canyon is on your list of "to dos" that you check out the Arizona Rafting Company (link). Consider seeing the canyon from the river and then "feel" its immensity as you hike out (7 miles and 5000 feet up). Running the rapids with guides as experienced as this outfit employs is exhilarating and fantastic fun (because you are truly in great hands).
Today, I did paint a commission for a friend whose father is ill. Tomorrow, I hope to be back on track to share a new painting.

For any locals, I hope you have your calendars marked for September 26 to come visit Suttons Framing's new courtyard and ask questions while Sharon Thorp, Marion Weathers and I paint and James Martin throws pots.

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