Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pet Project Begins: Progress of a Painting

I am out of place for the next few days, on a borrowed laptop. Prior to leaving, I painted like a fiend and I loaded images to keep my blog up to date. However, keeping this blog up to date will be challenging. My limited "mastery" of blogger's editor and the images that are not accessible if I accidentally delete them while adding text force me to alter first, the format. When I first researched "blog writing, it was suggested that the format be consistent and the posting regular, so failing the first, I'll attempt the second. 

Artist Note: This is the first of the Pet Project. The photo I was sent had a "bright green" "feel" to it so I scrubbed in a layer of thalo green acrylic paint and then began the dog. I prefer to paint on a colored background because it allows me to see the "true color" of my subject. Varying the color of the background makes me paint more "freshly" as the colors are influenced and changed by the different background hue. 
I haven't done many teeth. In my human figures, I often don't even paint mouths. Many of the photos I have now as reference material have wide open, tongue -prominent, happy slobbery dog mouths, with teeth. Teeth are not white, even with the best whitening program. Dogs teeth are especially not white. I used unbleached titanium and some yellow. The muzzle is as light as the colors that set it off.
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