Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pet Project #11: Green and Blue

Pet #11/ Green and Blue/ oil on board/ 8" x 8"/ to be gifted
This was the painting that was "wiped" yesterday. Yesterday, the face was all wrong, the composition was poor, the colors were muddy, it was just a total mess. The background of this then, is the "wiped" toning of the canvas. Today, I love this: the "sketchy, unfinished edge that allows the head to be pushed forward, the thick "fur" strokes and the beautiful glass-like eyes... Life is good!

Artist note: Joseph Fettingis taught me to paint animal eyes. He  started with a cool yellow outer rim to the eyeball and then defined the pupil and the iris leaving a hint of that initial yellow. This seems to make the eye protrude as a round object.
See whether it works for you.
I repainted this painting. See July 9.

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