Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall at the Beach

Fall at the Beach/oil on board/8"x8"/ sold
Home after a 5 day workshop with Karin Jurik. Karin uses a pizza pan as her palette to hold the many many small daubs of colors that she mixes to create her beautiful paintings. She is amazing with her tiny brush strokes and a fairly large brush. This was a great workshop with great participants to go with a fantastic teacher.  I hope you will see Karin's teaching influence in my upcoming paintings. This painting done during the workshop is of a gentleman catching the last of the fabulous Hilton Head rays.


  1. Hi Sue - glad to know that you arrived home safely. It was a pleasure painting with you. I'll definitely follow your blog.
    Take care, Lulu

    1. Hi Lulu,
      Are you home? I loved painting with you and being included on your adventures!
      Stay in touch! Sue