Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bird Series continued

This is another in my bird series. It has been done twice. The lower (first) one seemed too dark at the base of its body but I like its blues.  Neither one feels finished, so this bird will likely be painted again.

A great part of today was spent painting my first class mug shot from Karin Jurik's workshop. Karin originally painted mug shots to teach herself to paint faces. She uses this exercise in her classes. It is fairly liberating to try to paint someone you are not emotionally connected to. Last year, Karin's Hilton Head group photographed each others posing as "felons" so that as each person was painted, there was less pressure to make someone you now knew, look attractive. Maria Bennett Hock organized this effort and created a wonderful narrative:
Wanda Rottenfusser is our HH organizer. She is equally clever with her descriptions. Our first mug was of Karin. Although Karin is scowling, there is still the desire to render a likeness. Since this is a new endeavor, I can't post my mutilated attempt here. However, after painting all 20 of us, perhaps some will be posted.

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