Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Color Harmony

Color Harmony

I had a large painting juried into a national show and the juror commented that the painting needed better "color harmony". Color harmony is defined as a pleasing use of colors: one that has a sense of order. Many references suggest that one use complimentary colors in a painting and mix those to create harmonious grays in that painting. A different reference suggested that a painting use a "mother color".  The "mother color reference" suggested that the mother color be mixed into all of the colors of that  painting. Many references summarized color harmony as "pleasing and engaging to the viewer often with a sense of order".
The top is my painting of the Hilton Head salt marsh. After looking at the painting photographed, I wasn't happy with the colors.This was an example of "poor color harmony".

I altered the colors as seen on the lower painting and I think it improved "color harmony".

However, I painted it once more and the final painting of the salt marsh is below.

HH Salt Marsh/ oil on board/ 6" x 6"/ house warming

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