Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Painting Food: Suggestions for a Class

This is the latest fruit in my study of "glow". This one was overpainted with a knife to add textural interest.

I have been asked to give a workshop in February at Blount Bridgers in Tarboro. This will be in association with an exhibition of Hobson Pttman's paintings of food. Therefore, I have been asked to teach about painting food. Food is often my still life subject of choice (it stays still, doesn't complain about the hot light it has to sit under and comes in great colors).

I have started to think about what might be the most interesting class.
I have been allowed great latitude.

To think about this, I goggled some of the images of Hobson Pittman's still life paintings of food. The two lower images remind me of Charles Demuth's food still life watercolors which like Pittman's have beautiful design and rich areas of color.
While I decide on this class, if you might be interested in attending and have requests, please let me know. I have to have a class description and supply list soon so that the workshop might be "gifted" for Christmas.

Hobson Pittman oil painting of pears

Image result for images Hobson Pittman
Hobson Pittman Nasturtiums and Onions

Image result for images Hobson Pittman
Hobson Pitttman Orange Slices No II

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