Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sunshine at the Beach

Sunshine at the Beach/ oil on board/ 7 x 5/ Low Country

So, here is the story about this painting and HOW it was painted. I received a beautiful image of a little person at the beach SIMILAR to this one.
I thought, since I love painting children in the sunshine, and have done many (from behind) at the beach, that this would be a commission that I could accept and accomplish. I agreed to a 7 x 5 size. I prepped the board with a beautiful bright pink acrylic underpainting. I then began the painting. Although there are only small face elements, my brush facility and tiny plane changes needs work. Soon, the little person had a new identity. Furthermore, her beach attire didn't work compositionally with my painting. I allowed the painting to decide on new bright colors and a new little person. The tiny squares of color also evolved with the painting. Sometimes this happens: the painting takes over. I think this little painting is full of happiness and I am grateful for more lessons learned.

P.S. I painted the commission piece (with a reasonable likeness) in watercolor with her original beach wear.

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