Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back From the Beach and New Colors

Beach Study #2 reworked/ oil on canvas on board/ 6 x 13/ Low Country

You may remember this painting. I reworked it adding some better greens in the dunes and a cleaner, bluer sky color. These changes were inspired by a recent visit (and great images... painted soon?..) to Folly Beach. In addition, I have been reading and learning about painting color (again). My mom will have surgery in a couple of days so I will be away for a little while.

My sister found this. I love it
There is a powerful exercise, quite simple , which I began to use many, many years ago.
Who would I have met on the way , be it a person or an insect , the first thought that I assume with respect to this point: "I wish you happiness ! " But most importantly, that this idea was indeed the very first , "I wish you happiness ."
It completely changes on what is going on between you and that person.
I say this from personal experience .
Sometimes it's very difficult when you meet the enemy when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected tough situation ...
And at this point you get an opportunity to create more space around you ... You see how it pops up this negative emotion , and before it will take "up" over you , you have time to convert it ... You see everything as it is: that's evident ignorance ; anger - not that other, as ignorance from my side, from their side..
Convert him, let go , turn into love.
Try it and see how much everything will change in your life . "
~ Richard Gere

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